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Received the LS4 IC’s. I’m connecting my solid state amp and tube pre amp. I must say very pleased. I noticed more detail and clarity right out of the box.

A nice smoothness in the mid’s and very clean bass. Thanks for producing a great product.



I wanted to write a note to express how happy I am with my new Apollo I Power Cord.

I found you on the internet and thought I'd give your product a try.

The build quality is superb. I noticed an improvement in sound as soon as I connected the power cord to my power conditioner.

Your advice and easy accessibility by phone is greatly appreciated. I intend to order more of your product in the near future.

Thanks, Lou

To Lapada Audio,

I have the XLR Equinox interconnect cables & King Cobra Bi-wire speaker cables.

They sound amazing & I found that the wire used in the King Cobra cables is actually a plus  gauge over advertised.
Great customer service & I was not charged extra for getting the 8.5 ft speaker cables custom cut,
Thanks Michael, I'll be back!

Tom from Arizona


I wanted to leave you a very thankful and positive review about my experience with you. I'm not sure which is better at Laspada Audio,

the products or the service.

You are great and I appreciate the excellent customer service that has become a thing of the past. Keep up the good fight because it is worth it.

One reason I am writing to you is I have purchased cables from Laspada Audio in the past and they sounded great right out of the box,

It really surprised me, so rather than searching the web for a great deal or overpriced used cables,

I decided to buy a new pair of Equinox XLR cables from you.

In todays world businesses take your money and don't care if they ever hear from you again, not the case with Laspada Audio!

I hope you have a good year and be safe out there.

Regards and Thanks

Tom Kelly, Casa Grande, Arizona

Dear Mike,

I have been meaning to get back to you regarding the King Cobra speaker cables, Reveal co-axial cable,

and the Apollo power cords I ordered a few months ago.

All the cables perform exceedingly well and represent a tremendous value. The King Cobra speaker cables are especially remarkable.

They outperform a pair of very expansive cables I had been using for over twenty years at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks for putting out a great product at a very reasonable price!

Fred Kreul

Regarding your BL-a Speakers,

Doing the 25-30 hours of break-in was quite beneficial.

I messaged you that on initial listening I described the word "balance" at lower listening levels.

I left things alone till after this period. Listening late at night with different amplifiers and dacs ,

it was easier to hear the differences to find the best symmetry.

All combinations were pleasant and musical. I listened mostly at a medium to medium loud levels.

After break-in, imaging improved and the mid-range got even smoother. I compared this product to very competent products.

This speaker has dynamics, but I was drawn to the mid-range over the others.

 The value of this product is your 1 pair at a time speaker build,

and your attention to detail with the crossover to give the balance and smooth sound.

I appreciate your efforts in this purchase.


 Dear Mike 

Recently I had purchased new stereo equipment. I connected the amp and speakers with regular speaker wire that you would

get at Best Buy, the system sounded good but it didn’t sound great.

I came across your company on line Laspada Audio and purchased a pair of your King Cobra Series speaker cables.

When I fired up the stereo this sound was amazing this inspired me to look at and purchase a pair of your laspada Audio LS4 interconnects!

Now when I listen to the stereo I get amazing clear music, I now find myself wanting to listen all the time!

Great products l will be purchasing more soon and will tell all of my friends. 

Regards Richard Haskamp  


Hi Mike, 

Two years ago you changed my music listening enjoyment forever. I purchased my first Platinum Series RCA interconnects from you.

Since then I have completely swapped out my Audio Quest interconnects with your impressive state-of-the-art interconnects.

Since I own a multichannel as well as a 2 channel tube system, that's comes out to 12 pair of Platinum series.

The sound quality improvement was so apparent I would have spent twice the cost.

Thank you again for what you do, the absolute best interconnects for the money, bar none. 


Don Hervieux 


Hi Mike. 

The Apollo power cable is great! What I noticed immediately was the increase in clarity, air and attack.

Also the decay from the instruments sound more natural.

Studio or hall acoustics sound more realistic. There is an improvement in warmth as well.

Definitely everything I have listened to is more musical even at very low volumes which stunned me.

It revived a Marantz DAC that I though might have been outdated. It’s a keeper now. 

The sound from the system seems effortless and relaxed at any volume level.

Vocals are clearer, more life like and easier to listen to.

Listening to Jeniffer Warnes “Lights of Loussianne” for example, it sounds like she’s in the room and not a recording.

The same results with Jimmy Buffet. 

I have tried it on Jazz, Big Band, classical and new age. Acoustics are much better and you can hear more clearly the differences .

Best Regards



Hello Mike,
Just wanted to let you know that the speakers arrived about 30 minutes ago. Just got them unboxed and hooked up.

Listening to Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms original pressing vinyl. Unfortunately I have to leave for work shortly as I work nights.

However they sound incredible out of the box hooked to your speaker cables you made for me. Wow!



I had the opportunity to Beta test the newest Interconnect offered in The LaSpada Audio line up the LS4.

I admit I use predominantly LaSpada cables through out my system so I am accustom to the high standards of Mike's craftsmanship.

My expectations of what this new cable could offer were guarded. How can this LaSpada cable take my listening to another level?

What will I hear or not hear for that matter. I replaced my favorite MIT interconnect.

Only one of two sets of interconnects not of LaSpada making. I placed the LS4 between my hybrid pre/hybrid amp combo.

Admittedly it took the usual period to "burn in" the cable, but once it was I could tell  a sense of more room from bass notes to higher sound stage.

I know wires can at times be given the label of snake oil.

Truth be told some people benefit from snake oil because they believe it makes a difference. Im hear to tell you this wire makes a difference. 

Best Regards 

John J.



 Dear Mike,

As a long-time audiophile I am always looking to improve the sonic performance of my equipment while at the same time,

staying within a reasonable budget for audio expenditures.

I recently decided to use two amplifiers in a bi-amp application with my audio system and needed to acquire two sets of speaker cables for the job.

I discovered your company and ordered two pairs of your 8ft 12 gauge cables for the install. I am very happy with the purchase.

The cables are very well made, look great and offer an outstanding sound stage and channel separation.

The new set-up is much improved over the single amplifier configuration and the high end cables I was using.

I am so happy with the results that I ordered a third set of cables for my office system.

Thanks again,
Dave G.  


Name:  Mike Gutheridge

Mike, I received the set of terminal jumpers-excellent build quality, spade connectors, cosmetics.

Replaced the stock plate jumpers on my B&W CM6S2 speakers with your's. Right away I notice a smoother, natural musical presentation.

The "HOT" top end that a lot of B&W speakers are known for has decreased,  

I know from prior product purchases from you that the sound will improve greatly with burn-in time.

I JUST installed them 1 hour ago and everything sounds better already! Another great product from Laspada Audio,

I own several and I'm very happy with the performance of them all.

They take the music to a higher level every time I put one of your products in my system, that's no B.S.!

Thanks, Mike


Name: Brian King



Hi Mike,

I just received 3 of your King Cobra Series speaker cables yesterday (using for front L and R and Center).

I actually came across your site accidentally. I recently upgraded my speakers from Paradigm Monitor to Dynaudio Emit.

I have been using Transparent cables for the last 20 years since I got into audio/ht. Although they are egregiously expensive,

I had found them to be the best I have experienced.

Although I'd had my Transparent cables for quite some time, the thought of having to replace them truly horrified me.

I knew I could not afford new Transparent cables, and there was nothing else that could compare, or so I thought.

So I did some internet searching and came across La Spada. I was intrigued.

So I read some reviews on your site and decided to roll the dice and order up some of your King Cobra's. I was excited, intrigued and nervous.

Well the excitement and intrigue were CERTAINLY well founded! The nervousness was gone literally within minutes of powering up the system!

I have had the Dynaudio's for a week now and have literally been glued to them by my ears.

They are undoubtedly the warmest, most detailed speakers I have ever heard. If it's in the recording or sound track,

you'll hear it through the Dynaudio's.

Just when I thought it truly could not get any better, the minute I connected your King Cobra's to the Danes I was just AWESTRUCK!

Your cables brought out another layer of depth, warmth and air that was not previously there with the Transparent cables.

In my 20 + years of experience in this hobby (owned gear from Definitive Technology, B&W, Paradigm, Dynaudio, Outlaw, Denon, Rotel)

I had never ever thought cables could make this kind of audible difference!

Even my Transparent didn't strike me like this (and the Transparent cables are literally 4 times the price of your King Cobra's).

I have only had your cables for less than 24 hours and I am just in awe at what a difference they have made!

The thought that things will only get better (how is this even possible?) as the speaks and especially the cables break in

leave me downright giddy! I am literally listening to my system smiling as I compose this email.

Your cables have taken my system to another level that I didn't even know existed.

I could truly go on and on but I must also mention your OUTSTANDING customer service!

Your immediate response and attentiveness to your customer just really put you and your company over the top!

You have amazing amazing cables, and they are only matched by your customer service!

I will spread the word about your company to everyone I know,

and every audio/ht website I visit! Please feel free to post my review on your website and I'd be more than happy to attest to your products. 

So please also feel free to post my email address. Yes, you're that good!!!

All the best to you Mike and thank you for your amazing and affordable cables, and your top shelf customer service! 

Best Regards, Brian King




I have been playing my Christmas music this past week. Mostly Windham Hill high end recordings.

I can not tell you how impressed I am with the improvement in the sound quality. Your interconnects and speaker cables are the difference!

I have owned these cd's for almost ten years, the improvement is audible and impressive. I just wanted to let you know. 

-Don Hervieux


Dear Mike,

Regarding the power cables and RCAs:

Good big gauge power cables with high end connectors can make a big difference in the noise levels,

speed and transients of the sound and help provide an ultra deep dead black background for the music to paint over.

Especially when used with a good quality power conditioner / A/C re generator.

The feel, sturdyness, type of wire/shielding and connectors you use and for the price is hard to beat.

The WBT Middle Grade RCA interconnects I have from you are nearly as good as my 1500 dollar Wireworld Platinum 7 RCA Interconnects.

That is a spectacular cable, but your cable comes awfully close enough in sound and performance and it less than 12 times the cost.

I love Wireworld, but won't be buying anything but your interconnects from here on out.

-Emil S.


Dear Mike

I have to say, I've been dealing with hi end cables for over 21 years. I've worked in the hi end field for many years and always heard the same thing,

that cable upgrades don't make a difference, especially powercords.

At the moment I am/was using a Richard Gray Power Company Powercord which cost me $500,

and a Cardas Reference which cost $690 and I spent the last two days doing side by side comparisons with your cable and the others

and I was shocked!

I was always taught that all hi end cables need that break/burn in period of at least 500 hours in order to hear a difference,

and that wasn't the case. Right away I saw that your cable really out performed the others,

I used the cables on my Richard gray 1200 and my pioneer Elite plasma and the difference was night and day. 

Your cable really bringing out the colors and stopping the white s from bleeding.

This is my second cable and I know soon enough all of my cables will be from you.




I got the Spectrum Series Bi-wired cables today and I installed them as soon as I had them.

My system is up and sounds amazing, So, thank you for the great cables and for your help getting me to this point.



Dear Mike,

Well, I have hooked up the BL-a speakers on sand-filled steel stands (7.5' apart and dialed in to the sweet spot chair).

Using your Black Beauty cables. A Rega Planet cd player, Shiit DAC, Parasound preamp, Tara Labs interconnects,

your Reveal digital audio cable and an Adcom GFA 545II power amp.

I have to say, this is the best speaker investment I've made since my Vandersteen 1C's.

A musician friend of mine came over while I had them playing and he sat down in the sweet spot and was just listening to the music.

But he hadn't really noticed the speakers. He thought he was listening to the Vandersteens.

Then I told him to look up from reading the cd case and see that the LASPADA BL-a speakers were playing.

Though he knew I'd ordered them he didn't know I had them yet. He was extremely impressed.

And the price doesn't get any better than what these awesome babies sell for.

Thank you Mike for these!




I just finished a 3 day break-in on your rear speaker cables.

I tried to avoid the placebo effect, and after 3 days of listening it is crystal clear just how much better my system sounds now.

The balance between my front and rear speakers is so improved. The sound stage from the rear speakers is immense.

Multi-channel sacd recordings are all over the place as far as the quality the recordings,

but even my lesser quality multi-channel cd's sound so much better.

Again, Laspada audio has come through for me in a big way. Thanks again. I will hand out your business cards to everybody I know. 




It's been 2 months since I purchased 2 pair of your marvelous BL-a speakers. As you know I own a very good 5:1 audio system.

My system is composed of VINCENT (German) audio gear. Multiple class A mono block amps, Vincent SAV- C1 surround processor,

Vincent S6 tube hybrid CD player, and finally OPPO 105 dvd player. The weak link in my system was my center channel speaker, and my rear speakers.

The purchase of the BL-a speakers have made such a difference. The clarity and accuracy of my center channel speakers is now impressive.

Vocal range has been greatly improved. I'm hearing thing in my cd's I've never heard before. The same is true for my rear speakers.

The audio sound stage is just so much larger now, little nuance parts of the recording I can now hear.

I could not be happier with my purchases from LASPADA audio.

Thanks again, and congratulations for developing a marvelous line of Audiophile products at such reasonable prices. 

-Don Hervieux


Hey Mike,

After auditioning your Interconnects and power cables, I have to say, my listening experience has improved dramatically.

I started out by replacing my lame power cords on my Jolida 1000RC tube amplifier and Jolida JD100 CD player.

The bass was noticeably tighter and the upper bass had the punch that I lacked with the stock cables.

Then I added your Platinum RCA Interconnect between the CD player and the AMP. All I could say was wow!

More detail and expanded soundstage! Keyboard, guitar and Drums really popped in Steely Dan's Two Against Nature cut.

Beautiful delineation between notes and instruments without any blurring, even when the vocals kicked in.

Not to mention the clean craftsmanship and first class materials! Keep up the great work Mike! 

-Steve Cidoni



Your BL-a speakers are some of the finest I have heard in this price range and beyond. My rear speakers needed an upgrade.

Your speakers are now broken in and they are getting better sounding every day.

-Don Hervieux


Dear Mike,

I recently purchased Laspada BL- MTM speakers to replace my floor standing Klipsches. I was amazed with their looks- high gloss black piano finish.

I used LaSpada King Cobra cables to connect the new speakers to a NAD 773 receiver.

I tested them with different sources and was amazed at how discrete, warm and clear they sound.

They make music and movies experience so much more enjoyable. The sound is so detailed that, Even old vinyls sounded better!

Thanks LaSpada for the great audiophile speakers.

-W. Yanelent N.Y. City N.Y.



For the past 3 months I have been slowly converting my interconnects and speakers cable from audioquest to Laspada.

My audio system is 5:1 surround, so there are quite a few interconnects and speaker cables involved in the change.

I have one more purchase coming, another pair of your outstanding platinum series interconnects which will complete my purchases.

The result so far is that you have taken my system to the next audiophile level.

My main speakers are energy veritas 1.8, which I purchased in 1998 for $4500.

A true audiophile speaker, hand made in Toronto, Canada. After 18 years of use I thought they were sounding a bit flat.

I was contemplating purchasing new main speakers. You have saved me thousands of dollars.

Your interconnects and speaker cables have made all the difference.

The sound difference between the audioquest and laspada is substantial and clearly audible.

Maybe the best part of my story is that I am now playing cd's I haven't played in years. I'm hearing stuff in the music I haven't heard before.

The overall fidelity is so much better, I find myself listening my system for most of the day.

Thank you again Mike for introducing me to your wonderful line of products.

-Don Hervieux


Dear Mike,

I just wanted to say: The Platnium Interconnects are amazing. I was floored by the sound of the (out of the box)brand new cables. Amazing.

Thanks Mike for your help, assurance & always answering the phone with my dumb questions. I also bought a power cord, Very Nice!!!

I plan to sell my expensive interconnects & purchase more of your great sounding cables.

Made a world of difference with my Rogue St-100pwr amp/RP-1 pre.

Please feel to publish this note anywhere you like.

Now,back to the "Feeling of Sound" 

-Tom Kelly Phx,Az



Listening to your LaSpada speakers is like sitting front and center at a live concert,

with the sound stage perfectly aligned, able to clearly distinguish the range of sound of each instrument and vocalist! An audio treat...

lots of success to you for a wonderful product! I would also like to add that you are a pleasure to work with!

-Linda LoBue



I've been listening to my tri-wire set up all day. I'm thrilled with improvement in overall fidelity.

The sound stage is enormous, instruments, voices are all greatly improved, and the best part not even burned-in yet.

I love everything about my system now!

Can't wait to receive my new speakers.




I have been an audio enthusiast for 50 years. An in that time, I have owned numerous audio systems.

As my income grew so did my choice of audio gear.

Today I own a very good audiophile system. My interconnects and speaker cables have been audioquest,( without a doubt, very good components).

Last month I was browsing the net and I came across your product line. After reading many positive and glowing reviews,

I decided to give your platinum series RCA interconnects a try.

Wow!!!!!, Instantly my speakers came to life. Just as stated from other satisfied customers.

My sound stage improved dramatically, the low end was more pronounced, voices were much more refined,

and the high end was much defined without being too bright. And for the price you charged for such a remarkable interconnect,

you are to be commended.

Two weeks ago I ordered the star stream speakers cables. I replaced my audioquest bedrock cables..

And even though my star steam duet speaker cables are not burned in yet, they are superior in every way.

I will eventually replace all of my interconnects and speaker cables for my 5:1 music/ home theater system with Laspada components.

Congratulation for developing such fine high end products at a truly affordable price. 

-Don Hervieux 


I have about 40 hours on the Star Stream Duet's now & wanted to let you know my impressions.

They are not fully burned in yet, but the sweet accurate mids & highs are becoming more & more prevalent, the bass tight & tuneful, not boomy.

The soundstage & depth are outstanding, focus & separation of instruments, vocals, etc.

Very realistic with no sign of "too much- not enough" syndrome.

I know everything will improve further with time, but at the moment i could not be happier!

They have a synergy with my Primaluna tube amp & Focal Aria 926 speakers that i have not found with other cables three times the price.

You were right in saying they are great with tube gear, although they do require quality equipment with a fair amount of power to perform their best.

Can't wait 'till full burn in, they really are a big improvement to a quality system!

The quality in materials & workmanship are top notch, sound performance excellent, that's why this is my third product order from you,

you're products simply outperform others! 

- Mike G. Anoka,MN.


Would never have believed I could get so much sound, and detailed sound at that, from such physically small speakers.

These monitors soundstage like crazy, with tight defined bass and clear, but mellow mid-range. No listening fatigue here.

These are the perfect speaker for the small room or second system. LaSpada's doing something right!

-Hank Cohen , Mount Bethel PA 


I have been using your new King Cobra cables in my system now for a week.

I wanted to take take a moment to let you know how truly outstanding they are.

Beautiful and accurate tonality from top to bottom. The low end is particularly impressive.

While having plenty impact and weight, notes remain clear and distinctive with correct timber.

Their is no smearing of instrumental lines. Everything is clear and distinctive without becoming overly  clinical sounding. Always very musical.

Thanks for making such an awesome product at realistic prices!!




I installed your Platinum interconnects and Star Stream Quad Speaker Cables on my system: Martin Logan SL-3s,

Odyssey Stratos Monoblocks, Audio Research LS-2 pre-amp, Sony DVP-S9000 DVD-CD-SACD player and Chang Lightspeed Line Conditioner.

All I can say is, the system is all I could have hoped for thanks to your cables. The Logans disappear and the top end is clear, realistic but not harsh.

The bass is tight and tuneful. Imaging is spot on and the soundstage is wide and lifelike.

Can't think of better value for the money than your fine cabling. 

Keep up the good work!

-Henry Cohen , Mt. Bethel, Pa.


Received King Cobra speaker cables, perfect fit using the BFA plugs for future reference if you have any customers with a pair of magnepan mmg,

the cables you made me work perfectly and regular bananas would never have fit into the speakers.

All other models of Maggie's will take regular bananas. Very pleased with quality. 



I love your cables - very solid construction - sound great. I look forward to getting them.



What a really superb product. I just finished the last one and listening now. I almost won't need the l-pads for the mids,

but I am going to install them when they arrive.

But for now this is just what was needed. Amazingly clear, precise and full. I can tell the crossover points are much different and much better.

You should have heard Maynard Ferguson (trumpet player), it sounded like I was in the section playing again. I use horns for the mids and uppers.

To me the timbre is what paper speakers can't accurately reproduce, but horns do. Additionally,

I am hearing things that were there but I hadn't heard before.

So from one successful business owner (retired) to another, I hope you are making lot's of money doing this.

It seems a passion for you personally and that's a really good thing. Nicely done and thanks for the personal help via phone.

That's what gave the passion part away.

-Mike Fesi


I've been meaning to get back to you and give you some feedback about the Platinum interconnects but things have gotten a little hectic here at home.

I did have a chance to give some extended listening and found them to be truly excellent!

Very neutral and musical with no anomalies throughout the entire frequency range.

In the description you mentioned they had a natural flow and decay from one note to the next and I found this to be absolutely true!

Together with the king cobra speaker cable I purchased from you recently my system now sounds more refined and detailed and much more enjoyable!

Thanks for making such great products at a reasonable price.



Received the platinum I.C.'s today. Hooked one pair between my Vanalstine synergy 300 double amp& Vanalstine Vision sl pre-amp.

The other from pre-amp to my Cambridge Audio 351c C.D. player. The King Cobra 12g. speaker cables from amp to my B&W CM6s2 speakers.

Mission completed! Build quality,terminations,cosmetics topnotch all the way.

The integration of the Cobras & Platinum I.C.'s are nothing short of sweet musical satisfaction, and their not even broken in yet!

My system almost sounds tube like, but with authority & dynamics of solid state.

I'm going to thoroughly enjoy hearing micro-details, high-end, smooth midrange, & superb bass get better & better with time.

You're products are superb, value almost unheard of for the quality & performance involved.

I've put about 10 hours on them and they are already singing sweet and getting noticeably more musical in all aspects.

It's very obvious to me you have a superb thing going on & I'm telling every audio enthusiast i know to check your company out first.

I'm very pleased, keep up the great work, bring it on! 

- Mike Gutheridge Anoka,MN.


Received the cobras earlier today. Great build quality, cosmetics, but most importantly, very good sound from the get go!

I can only expect they will get a lot better after 20 hours or so with break in. Very smooth midrange, clear-detailed highs, bass a little muddy- dry,

imaging@ soundstage good for this early in the game.

It's as though everything wants to just present its self perfectly, just going to take a little burning in!

They are a vast improvement over my previous BJC 10 & Audioquest type 4 speaker cables right out of the box.

Can't wait to add the 2 pair of platinum interconnects to my system, It's going to sound fantastic, or should i say, " leave me breathless"!

Just wanted to drop you a line with my very initial impressions.

Speaking of burn in time, how long in your opinion before all the cables-interconnects sound their best& perform at 100%?

Also, any time frame on a receive date for the platinum I.C.'s? Also, you're new speaker cables are on my list not to far down the road,very nice.

I can only hope as i put hours of material on purchased items, the better they will sound-perform. 

-Mike Gutheridge



THANK YOU!! & I will SPREAD your products around. The speaker cables are connected to a pair of the Legendary (Dynaco A-25,s) refurbed by me.

The system is a Carver (Big Baby Silver seven) Vacuum tube P.A.(aprox:40-watts rms per channel custom built by The Bob himself!!.

Preamp is a also tube (PrimaLuna Proloque Three) PrimaLuna Classic Tube cd (Dac) Player using your interconnects.

The system has improved in Sound Stage Clarity in the Low end & upper mids & highs,imaging also was improved tremendously.

Thank You Again,Regards, Joe (The Audiophile Wizard)

- fudgies234


I received the speaker cables today & the interconnects. Both sets Connected, & they SOUND SUPER! THANKS AGAIN!! & have a GREAT WEEK!! 



Mr. S,

I am enjoying what I consider to be the best purchase I have made for 2014. I purchased the Laspada BL-a speaker.

I am a audio enthusiast building audio amps and preamps since 1972.

I do a great deal of research before purchasing audio components which is critical in today's economy .

If you are one of those who likes music to be engaging toe tapping and a great boogy factor this speaker is especially for you. 

Its low price and being manufactured in the USA makes it one great bargain. If not call 911 and get ye to a psych ward. 

-Richard Nemeth in Miami Florida 



I finished my project last week and have been burning in my 3-way acoustic suspension speakers with your upgraded 800/4000 crossovers.

I was impressed with their compact, solid construction and quality soldering.

I screwed them into the right rear corners of my cabinets (over a few layers of Gorilla tape and electrical tape),

and the 24 inch leads were just right for the tweeter and midrange.

I had found a similar, less compact crossover with similar specs online,

but the buyers' comments suggested that the made-in-Asia product had quality control problems, especially with the solder joints.

I was more than happy to pay a few dollars more for your crossover with the inductor and cap upgrades that you offered,

especially in view of your meticulous quality of assembly.

The system meets my expectations. 

The crossover points seem to be perfect at 800 Hz between the SEAS A26RE4 paper woofer and the Dayton Audio DC 50FA-8 soft-dome midrange,

and at 4,000 Hz between the midrange and the SEAS Prestige 27TDFC (H1189) soft-dome tweeter.

The crossovers seem to have found the sweet spot for these drivers, for none has to labor at the extremes of its range. 

Thanks again for providing a critical component for my speaker project.



Mr, Mike,

Thanks a lot for the very fast the crossovers today:)

I installed them and I'm listening right now:)....these crossovers have taken a very good speaker and made them a great speaker.

The imaging is about the same 'maybe a bit better" but the staging is absolutely astonishing!

Love them Mike great work...makes me want to build more speakers:)

Oh I might mention 10 years ago when I built these speakers I didn't know much about crossovers,

I guess I'm getting better at understanding the nature of sound...





wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful crossovers. They are everything you said they were, and much more!

I installed them in my infinity 2-way speakers, driven by my old Marantz 2245; a match made in heaven with the new crossovers!

I actually have bass, mid range, and treble that is crystal clear. Just wonderful. And a job well done for all at LaSpada Audio!

I am still amazed by how wonderful the music sounds! Thanks!



Very nice crossovers with quality parts and a quality presentation as well.

Moreover, I made a pair of monitor speakers with an 8 bass driver and ribbon tweeter

crossed over a 3k and they are smooth, revealing, and rather musical.

Great product at a great price and I'd buy again as Mike's customer service was spot on too. 

-Paul Laudati

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