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With fulfilling the specifications of any audio system in mind, the LaSpada Audio Nova Series RCA to XLR Interconnects truly deliver. Never sacrifice quality to meet your systems' requirements again by using lower quality interconnects. The Nova Series interconnects will bring your system to life while allowing you to use the equipment your prefer.   


All of our interconnects are constructed with high-conductivity OFC 99.9% Pure Copper, finished a carbon fiber style jacket. And as always, hand-made in the USA.   


Listening Impressions: Highs and mid-range are clean, accurate and smoothly natural - never harsh. Bass is tight and articulate but offers a deep slam when called for, making midrange instruments sound naturally smooth and sweet.




- 22 Gauge aggregate OFC Ultra-fine stranded copper

- Extremely Low Capicitance: 67 pF/m

- DC Resistance: 35 micro-ohms/m

- 24K Gold plated locking RCA Connectors

- Neutrix 24K Gold pinned XLR Connectors

- Fully spiral shielded cable design

LaSpada Audio Nova Series RCA to XLR Interconnects (Pair)

PriceFrom $139.95
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