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Finish off your system with the final piece of the puzzle and get that punch you've been looking for! LaSpada Audio's Sublime Subwoofer cable will fill out the harmonic spectrum to truly bring your system to life and simulate sound as if you are there live. Our spiral shielding will eliminate any outside interference, resulting in absolutely no noise, producing a true, strong and uncolored signal. 

 All of our interconnects are constructed with high-conductivity OFC 99.9% Pure Copper, finished with 24K Gold-plated, locking RCA connectors and a carbon fiber style jacket. And as always, hand-made in the USA.  


Listening Impressions: Bass was tight, articulate, but with a slightly meatier presentation. Had good drive with a natural, fast response. Exhibited excellent sound quality in both, low-frequency sounds and musical tones with exceptional fidelity. Overall, a noticeable improvement compared to similar products on the market. 


Available in different lengths!




- 18 Gauge aggregate OFC Ultra-fine stranded copper

- Extremely Low Capicitance: 67 pF/m

- DC Resistance: 35 micro-ohms/m

- 24K Gold plated locking RCA Connectors

- Fully spiral shielded cable design

LaSpada Audio Sublime Series Subwoofer Cable

PriceFrom $119.95


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