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No longer will your speakers and equipment be limited by the speaker cables connecting the two. LaSpada Audio's Spectrum Series Bi-Wired Speaker Cables are the perfect bridge between your source and destination. Available in different lengths with 12-Gauge wire, the Spectrum Series speaker cables can be tailored to the exact specifications you require to make your system come to life. Each leg is encased in a thick but flexible jacket, with conductors in a twisted configuration and separated by a dielectric to prevent current jumps and reduce electromagnetic interference.


All of our speaker cables are constructed with high-conductivity OFC 99.9% Pure Copper, and finished with 24k Gold plated connectors. And as always, hand-made in the USA.   


Listening Impressions: Outstanding accuracy and very detailed highs and midrange. A natural sound with an expansive sound stage. Bass is articulate, punchy and well defined with authority.


Available in various lengths, but only in 12 Gauge!

LaSpada Audio Spectrum Series Bi-Wired Speaker Cables (Pair)

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