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LaSpada Audio's Reveal Coaxial Cable holds true to its name, revealing every aspect of your audio for a truly pristine listening experience. For high end use, our S/PDIF certified cable is terminated using silver solder for a solid, true connection. Whilst LaSpada Audio's Reveal Coaxial cable is superb for audio and listening, we've also had very successful results for video transmission as well. 


All of our interconnects are constructed with high-conductivity OFC 99.9% Pure Copper, finished with 24K Gold-plated, locking RCA connectors and a carbon fiber style jacket. And as always, hand-made in the USA.  


Available in different lengths!




- 24 Gauge aggregate OFC Ultra-fine stranded copper

- Impedance: 75 Ohms

- Extremely Low Capicitance: 19.8 pF/m

- DC Resistance: 27 micro-ohms/m

- 24K Gold plated locking RCA Connectors

- Fully spiral shielded cable design

LaSpada Audio Reveal Series Coaxial Interconnect

PriceFrom $114.95


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