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NEW IMPROVED DESIGN!  Cable Pants added for increased flexibility and cleaner appearance. 


The LaSpada Audio LS4 RCA Interconnect delivers a smooth sounding, high purity signal path for your analog audio signal. Within the core of the LaSpada Audio LS4 is pure oxygen-free copper (OFC) drawn in three distinct diameters. This 3D design provides optimal signal transmissions as low, mid and upper ranges that each travel these diameters with less distortion. Simplifying the design, we have reduced the core to only 7 strands in each leg conductor, totaling in a cable diameter of 1/2". This minimizes strand interaction to maintain timing and spacial queues. These copper cores are insulated and then woven in an interlaced twisted pair geometry to reject external electromagnetic interference and eliminate cross-talk between channels. The LaSpada LS4 Interconnects are terminated with WBT Mid-line RCA connectors with 24k Gold plated copper center pins. The interconnect is conveniently designed as one cable, which consists of both left and right channels, that offers ease of installation and a clean and simplified appearance. Customers with tube equipment report more detail in upper mid-range and high frequency performance without any distortion.


Available in custom lengths upon request! Email for more information and inquiries!


As always, all of our items ship for free!

LaSpada Audio LS4 Interconnects (Pair)

PriceFrom $239.95


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