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Redefine quality and clarity with our flagship line of cables, now available in a Bi-Amp Configuration, the LaSpada Audio King Cobra Series Bi-Amp Speaker Cables.


Our top-of-the-line speaker cables are encased in a cross-linked polyethylene dielectric presenting a free-flowing and accurate signal. Our special stranding ensures the perfect amount of copper per gauge of wire, allowing an incredibly reliable pathway to your speakers. The King Cobra Series Speaker Cables are finished with BFA Banana Plugs with a saw-tooth design to guarantee a sturdy connection.   


All of our speaker cables are constructed with high-conductivity OFC 99.9% Perfectly Annealed Pure Copper, and finished with 24k Gold plated connectors. And as always, hand-made in the USA.   


Listening Impressions: Outstanding accuracy and very detailed highs and midrange. A natural sound with an expansive sound stage. Bass is articulate, punchy and well defined with authority.


Available in various lengths!

LaSpada Audio King Cobra 12 Gauge Bi-Amp Speaker Cables (Pair)

PriceFrom $249.95


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