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The LaSpada Audio Apollo II Power Cables feature Rhodium coated IEC connectors complemented by our unique black and red cable covering with matching labels. Comparable to our original Apollo Series Power Cables, the Apollo II Series Cables are crafted with the finest materials available with the addition of Rhodium coated connectors to ensure a superior method of contact. The Rhodium coating over pure copper offers many benefits. Our power cables will maintain your system with a smooth, neutral sound while exemplifying powerful dynamics and accurate sound staging. A lowered noise floor is another added benefit as well. 

The Apollo II Power Cables will truly bring your system to life! 

Standard cable covering is black and red, straight black is available at no extra cost, 


 Features Include:


- Rhodium coated IEC Connectors

- 99.9% OFHC Perfectly Annealed Stranded Copper Conductors

- Each Conductor is encased in cross-linked dielectric compound to minimize EMI & EFI

- Unshielded for maximum flexibility and minimal capacitance


NOTE: During the design of the Apollo Power Cables, we chose to exclude the integration of shielding. The use of shielding on power cables increases capacitance with little to no positive benefit, while making them stiff and unmanageable in most scenarios.

Laspada Audio Apollo II Power Cables with Rhodium Contacts

SKU: 364215376135191
PriceFrom $179.95
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